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What is Maria?

Introducing Maria, the revolutionary product that's set to transform the way you manage tickets,approval processes and track issues. Maria is the first issue and tracking system that seamlessly integrates with two of the most widely used communication platforms - WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams.
With Maria, you can keep track of all your project issues in real-time, collaborate with team members, and receive updates directly on your preferred platform. The innovative approval flow module makes it easier than ever to get the green light on important decisions, streamlining your workflow and improving productivity.

Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple communication channels and hello to Maria - the ultimate management solution.
The Maria Flow

How does it work?

Raising a ticket
All issues and tickets can be raised from either WhatsApp or Email.
Assigning a ticket
Work with your team in real-time with assign comments for action items, and never miss a beat with notifications that bring everything in one place.
Resolving a ticket
Once a ticket is assign, the assignee can be able to view and resolve each ticket in their tray
Provide Approval API's
The approval integration entails allowing developers to provide callback approval urls that will receive approval feedback once initiated
Initiate Approvals
The approval integration entails allowing developers to initiate approval flows from anywhere in their infrastructure and the approvers get the alert to approve on WhatsApp.
Receive approval feedback
Once an approval action has completed, the callback url will be sent back the approval result.
WhatsApp Integration
This integration handles, messages from and to the receipient whatsapp number. This integration is mainly used on approval flows, issue ticket raising and alerts
Microsoft Teams Integration
This Integration is used mainly in alert system for organziations with microsoft teams accounts and channels
Email Integration
This integration allows for automatic ticket creation from your choosen email inbox.

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Get simple & clear analytics on all tickets and issues raised.

On each dashboard, you get a simple overview of all tickets and issues raised to from your clients. All issues are ordered by Category. You also get to view your most active issue closer agent.
Break down big projects with subtasks.
Tickets & Issues

Get all tickets and Issues from your WhatsApp Chat Assitant in one place

All issues and tickets raised from your WhatsApp Assistant will be tracked into a simple table that shows all details you require for you to resolve the issue.
Break down big projects with subtasks.
Frequently Asked Questions

Manage all FAQ's on one place

Maria allwos you to create and manage all your FAQ's and alsow provides a view for your customers to be able to view all the published FAQ's.
Break down big projects with subtasks.
Files and Files

Get all your uploaded files in one place

All your files uploaded in any format can now be viewed and sorted in one views
in progress ....

Upcoming Features

  • SMS Integration
  • Live Email ticket response
  • Slack Integration

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